Blue Economy

Do you know what Blue Economy is?

it is a new sustainable business model, capable of generating a positive and long-term impact on the health of our oceans. In a more general sense, it encompasses all economic activities related to the sea, coasts, and seabed ˗ such as fishing and maritime transport ˗ aiming to revolutionize them and bring their polluting emissions to zero.

Environmental compensation

Do you know what environmental compensation is?

the provision of positive environmental measures not closely related to the damage induced by the activity itself, but carried out to partially compensate for the harm produced.
Compensation measures provide for the replacement of an environmental resource that has been spoiled with a resource that is considered equivalent.
Sea the Change makes it possible to offset the damage caused by tourists on their holiday destination, by investing in projects to protect seas and oceans in the surrounding area.

Impact on tourist destination

Do you know what the impact on tourist destinations is?

increasing mass tourism and consequent overcrowding of tourist destinations have created a major environmental impact on the resorts.
This impact, though, is not evaluated in monetary terms; instead, an environmental cost can be associated with each tourist.
Tourism will never be a wholly sustainable practice. However, thanks to Sea the Change every single tourist can choose to offset, at least partially, the so-called environmental cost of their vacation.