Ivan ˗ protector of the seas and the Adriatic Coast. Act like Ivan: protect marine ecosystems, reduce plastic pollution and choose to be part of the change. Ivan Lenković was an Uskok Pirate who defended the coasts of the Adriatic Sea in the sixteenth century. Today the sea defends its biodiversity through several mechanisms including Tegnue Rocks, which play a key role in safeguarding marine ecosystems. Thanks to Sea the Change, you can be a protector and the best ally of the sea too! Reduce the plastic pollution generated during your activities by investing in fishing for litter from the sea! We collaborate with people who have been involved in sea preservation for years. We support local fishermen who go out to sea to retrieve plastic waste with nets designed not to harm marine ecosystems. When you invest, you will receive a certificate of environmental impact, as well as the geolocation and photos of the intervention sites that you helped fund!