Don’t stand still and choose to be an active part of the change by offsetting the CO2 emitted during your daily activities. Pirate ships were often small but functional and were the real tool that determined the success of pirate actions. The Adriatic Sea absorbs large amounts of carbon dioxide mainly due to the ability of macroalgae in the water to absorb CO2 through chlorophyll photosynthesis and store it in the seabed. Macroalgae play a crucial role in keeping our seas healthy. Thanks to Sea the Change you have the opportunity to offset the CO2 emitted! You will have the opportunity to go on a carbon-neutral vacation while taking care of the sea you will swim in! CO2 offsetting takes place following European-certified protocols and is traceable and measurable! We collaborate with people who have been involved in sea preservation for years. When you invest, you will receive a certificate of environmental impact, as well as the geolocation and photos of the intervention sites that you helped fund!