Fishing for Litter consists of fishing activities and the collection of marine litter at sea. Thanks to the collaboration with Fondazione Cetacea, in Romagna, Sea the Change has an active fishing for litter project that directly involves local fishermen.

By 2050 our seas can contain more plastic than fish. (Ellen Mcartur Foundation, 2016). The report "Plastic Litter in the Adriatic Basin" published in 2021 analyzed the situation regarding marine litter in Italian seas. Thanks to the results obtained by the study it has been possible to find that the waters and beaches of the Adriatic Sea contain the greatest density of marine litter compared to other Italian seas.

Also for these reasons, Sea the Change has decided to activate the Fishing for Litter service in the Romagna Riviera. The activities for the collection of marine litter are carried out by local fishermen, moreover, thanks to the collaboration with Fondazione Cetacea, marine litter is weighed, cataloged, and disposed of according to the laws. The data collected helps to implement scientific research on the subject.

The objectives of the service activated by Sea the Change are: reducing the presence of marine litter at sea, supporting new forms of income to pursue the ecological transition, implementing virtuous mechanisms that can support research on the subject, raising awareness of the issue.